No 2 Squadron RFC

Diaries 1915 -1918


Captain Allcock's diary No 2 Squadron RFC Feb 1916 continued

Feb 1st 

Art Reg on targets in Hulluch, returned owing to wireless trouble. 1/2 hr

Feb 1st 

Art Reg on Hulluch targets with Lt. Moser (new Observer) from 4000 ft. Two targets registered with OKs.  Observation was very difficult owing to thick haze. 2 1/2 hrs

Feb 3rd

Standing by for short reconnaissance but put off.  Went up with Capt. Denistoun on Hun Patrol.  Two Huns seen behind Carvin, too far over to attack.  Machine climbing OK.  8700 ft in an hour.  Height reached 10,500 ft. 1 1/4 hrs

Feb 5th 

Counter Battery with Lt. Milne.  Report sent into 1st Army Intelligence. 1 1/2 hrs

Feb 5th  

Artillery Registration with Lt. Milne and Hun Patrol.  Registered one target with OK.  Height reached 11,000 ft. 2 1/2 hrs

Feb 6th

Went up for joy ride.  Looped three times at 4,000 ft. 1/2 hr

Feb 8th 

Short Reconnaissance over Lille with Capt. Denistoun.  Started from aerodrome at 7,000 ft at 4.15.  Left Lille safely but entered clouds and mist a few mins afterwards.  Climbed to 11,000 ft descended to 5,000 ft over Hun lines but could not get out of it.  Eventually we came into clear sky and Archie became active.  This was at 5.15. It was getting very dark so I decided to land at 5.30.  Came down in a plouged field, 1 mile from Bailleul.  Shed my passenger and guns and just managed to clear the road safely, landing in the aerodrome in the dark at 5.45.  Was put up for the night and left in the morning at 9.15, arriving at Hesdigneul at 9.35.  Denistoun went to Aire to report to 1st Army on Reconnaissance. 2 1/2 hrs

Feb 9th 

Hun Patrol at 9,500 ft with Lt. Moser.  One Hun chased trying to cross the lines south of Lens.  Ho shots exchanged.  Hostile Battery 135 reported firing.  Thought I saw a Zeppelin over behind Donai so went "hell for leather" after it.  Over Lens it turned out to be clouds, Very cold, landed safely at 5.5.  Gave Moser a spiral and nose diving exhibition, he thoroughly enjoyed it. 1 1/2 hrs

Feb 10th

Flight to and from St Omer to practice flying Bristol Scout.  Took up a Staff Major  for 20 minutes. 3/4 hr


Two flights on Bristol Scout.  Found it rather tricky at first.  Two fairly good landings.  Brought her down slightly too flat. Liked it immensely. 1/2 hr

Bristol Scout "D" a later similar model of the one mentioned above

Picture ©

Feb 15th & 17

Counter Battery with Lt. Moser.  Nothing exciting happened. 3 1/2 hrs

Feb 20th

Escort to bombing machines on Don, partially successful.  Two Fokkers seen but not engaged.  AA guns active. 2 hrs

Feb 21st

Counter Battery with Lt. Moser.  Straffed 2 captive balloons East of Lens.  A/A guns active and accurate. 2 1/4 hrs

Feb 21st

Machine test and bomb dropping practice.  Engine vibrating slightly. 1 1/4 hrs

Lt. Allcock was posted to No 16 Sqn on 23 Feb 1916 having completed 156 hours flying with No 2 Sqn.

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Diary © Guy Griffiths